Hypno-Doula Workshops

Hypno-Doula training: for doulas, midwives and other care providers who are interested in learning how to best support Hypnobabies students.

Upcoming workshops TBD
Please note: The Hypno-Doula training program is currently being completely revamped and will be launched soon.  Please contact a local Hypnobabies Instructor to have your name put on a list to be contacted once the new program has been launched.


* All Workshop materials as well as a listing on this site and links from all local Hypnobabies Instructors' websites.  Plus referrals for any Hypnobabies students who are looking for a doula who can best support them.

Did you know?
Regular doula training and labor-assistance techniques for natural childbirth may not be the best ones for many Hypno-moms. For instance, much of what a traditionally trained doula or midwife does to help the mom obtain more comfort during labor is very physical, and in a hypnotic childbirth experience, most physical and emotional comfort comes directly from going deeper into hypnosis by way of a number of cues and relaxation techniques as well as post-hypnotic suggestions. Couples using birth hypnosis have special needs and there is much you can do to enhance their childbirth experience.

I invite you to learn as much as you can for the sake of these wonderful young couples and their Hypno-babies!

You will learn

* What hypnosis is and how it is used in pregnancy, labor and birth
* What Birth Hypnosis Programs are currently available
* How your client’s history affects their birth hypnosis experience
* How Hypnosis affects your client's belief systems, emotional state and bodily functions
* How her dominant senses can change her birth experience
* The Amazing Power of Words
* The unique challenges and needs of a Hypno-birthing couple
* Specific language related to birth hypnosis
* How to assess hypnotic depth and mental anesthesia in your clients
* Hypnotic Deepening techniques for the Hypno-mom
* Fear Clearing and Pain Elimination Techniques
* Instant Cues for entering hypnosis - invaluable!
* Birth Ball Techniques for Hypno-moms
* Caregivers and Hypno-birth: reactions and solutions

Each birthing woman is unique, and as you nurture your Hypno-clients through an easier and more comfortable childbirth, everyone will appreciate the time you took to learn these new skills.

Included with your Hypno-Doula Workbook are 8 pages of Hypno-birth Prompts to use with your laboring Hypno-moms (verbal cues to keep them in hypnosis as they labor) a Hypnobabies CD to help your regular hypno-birth clients enter hypnosis instantly, (Entering Hypnosis with a Special Word Cue) and the same script on paper for direct use with clients during prenatal meetings for a more personal approach.

**PLEASE NOTE: Our Hypno-Doula Workbook will *not* teach you to become a Hypnobabies Childbirth Instructor, or a teacher of any other birth hypnosis method. It does not allow you to train expectant mothers to use childbirth hypnosis. It trains you to *help* birthing mothers who are using childbirth hypnosis to have a much easier childbirth experience, using their own Hypno-tools and techniques to the maximum benefit. You become a Hypno…Doula!

I am a HYPNO-Doula
by Carole Thorpe

"I am here to tell you that being a traditional doula and helping a woman to become empowered by the suffering she endured while bringing her baby into the world, can never compare to being a Hypno-Doula and hearing a woman say, "I did it! It worked! No pain!" (this, as she lifts her baby up and onto her chest, just seconds after birthing him into her own hands). Nothing I experienced as a traditional doula compares to the time when a doctor motioned me over to a corner of the delivery room, after he had witnessed a first-time mom give birth with a peaceful smile on her face, as she appeared to nap in between pushes, and then, open her eyes and gently push her baby out, slowly, in full control, without pain, knowing when to ease up and allow her baby just slip out of her body...and then hearing that doctor say to me, "That's the most amazing thing I have ever seen"....
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