Hanne Smith

Certified Hypnobabies Instructor & Hypno Doula

DONA Certified Birth Doula

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

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Offering Classes in:

  • Castlegar, BC at Back in Balance Clinic
  • Rossland, Grand Forks & Nelson BC: Classes may be offered in these communities, given minimum class size.

Website: www.riverofbirth.com

Email: smithhanne@gmail.com

Phone: 250-362-7767




About Hanne and River of Birth Doula Services:

I am so pleased to be able to offer Hypnobabies classes in the West Kootenay area of BC. The self-hypnosis scripts are brilliant, and the techniques learned will help women to experience pregnancy and childbirth in a state of peace, comfort, and joy. As an additional bonus, women and their partners gain skills they can apply in the rest of their lives. It’s a great program!

My own journey towards Hypnobabies started with the births of my two children. I was swept away by the profound beauty, rhythms, strength and inner knowing-ness of birth, and then by the incredible love that comes with parenting. After that first birth, I wanted to be there for other women…. In time, I found my way to doula-ing, and became a DONA certified birth doula. And what privilege it is, to assist
couples during this most intimate and sacred time, and to offer them my love and support.

I became interested in childbirth hypnosis when I realized that use of this method can enhance women’s confidence and release their fears even more effectively than I can as a doula. I was also struck by assertions that self-hypnosis can be effective in turning posterior & breech babies. Those features were enough to start my search for an excellent childbirth hypnosis program. In Hypnobabies, I’ve found all of that and much more. As you read through the information on this site, you’ll see how much Hypnobabies has to offer women, their partners and their babies. I’m enthusiastic about the Hypnobabies program for all of these reasons, and also because it is so interesting, and so much fun!

You’ll notice that my group classes are located in Castlegar.   It’s possible to have group classes in the neighboring communities of Rossland, Grand Forks, and Nelson BC as well – actually anywhere within an hour and a half driving radius of Rossland– as long we meet minimum class size. And, private classes are an option for couples who find it difficult to attend group classes . Please feel free to contact me for
information about the Castlegar classes, or to arrange a class in a place or time that differs from the posted schedule.

Please see my website for more information.